Why Synthetic Urine is Becoming Popular Today

container with fake urine

Synthetic urine continues to amaze the people using it to pass the drug test because of its non-disappointing results. It works all the time and passes the detection test. Even those who know they are using synthetic urine sometimes forget about it and think it is real urine. It contains the same properties except that is comes clean with sufficient support for going through a particular medical test. Here are reasons why synthetic urine is becoming popular today.


The product is available in multiple places and those who need it can get it easily. It is available in some corner stores in most urban city neighborhoods. You can also order it online from the major retailers. It is also available in affordable sizes, which makes it so accessible even to persons who are on a tight budget.

There is High Demand

The number of people seeking to pass drug tests to get good jobs or keep their position is high. Companies are continuously opting to use the drug test for their employees to ensure they are ideally suited for their demanding job positions. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep up with the need for sustaining low alcohol and drug intake.

On the other hand, the drug tests allow people to go into private rooms to get their urine samples into the specimen cup. Thus, it is logical for people to want to cheat the process and they make all attempts to do it. The availability of a quick fix ensures that all persons seeking the same outcome will try the availed problem solver.

Positive Reputation

Many people are reviewing the synthetic urine products and give them positives at the end of their analyses. These positive reputational support gestures work as endorsements for the synthetic piss and lead more people to try them out just to see whether the hype is true…like the ones Swift Detox recommend to use that have high success rate.

Thus, part of the market is only trying out the product for experimental purposes. Nevertheless, the rest of the market is expanding because the reviews reach more people who eventually think about the synthetic urine possibility when they are facing a drug or medical test.

Avoiding Medical Diagnosis

The number of detected medical problems is also high today because of lifestyle diseases. Some people do not want an extra health burden. Thus, they prefer working with an unknown parameter all the time to maintain their level of happiness and calmness.

Diagnoses can be a source of significant stress to family members and when they insist on taking tests on a person’s urine, the best counter move is to offer them the synthetic urine results to calm them down. The elderly are most likely to use this trick to keep their loved ones from worrying too much about them.


The synthetic urine is quickly becoming a new lifestyle choice allowing people to achieve different intentions in their lives. The quick solution is for problems that can have significant implications in a person life. Some people equate it with the pill that lets others avoid pregnancy. In this case, it enables a person to stay at a job or pass a test.