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Choosing a PlayStation 3 Console

playstation 3

Playstations are game consoles that have become very popular in the modern days. They were invented in December 1994. Since they were released in the market, they have become one of the greatest icons in gaming. Up to date, more than 100 million units have been sold in different parts of the globe. Their new versions have been upgraded to include new accessories and other graphics.

The original PlayStation

As it was mentioned earlier, the original PlayStations was introduced in the market in 1994. It was one of the defining eras in this industry. Some of the original PlayStations include Sega Saturn and Nintendo. They were very popular in the Japanese stores. Cartilages were used when playing games. The CDs containing games were first inserted into the PlayStations before playing.

PlayStation 3

This is the latest version of these devices. It is user-friendly and technically advanced. It is mainly designed for those users who like playing games. It is also equipped with other features which make it more appealing. It has become very popular among young adults and children due to its crisp graphics, free online gaming, internet connectivity and motion sensing controller. It can be purchased at auction sites like eBay or through online 3

Main components of a PlayStation

The PlayStation is designed with different configurations. As a buyer, you should understand these configurations for you to make a wise purchasing decision. The size of their hard drives can distinguish the different configurations. The hard drive controls the data stored. This data can be in the form of music, games or movies.


All the PlayStations share this technology in processing data. The CPU or microprocessor is well-designed in such a way that all the microprocessors fit in a single chip. This has made them very effective and efficient when playing complex games. They also feature an advanced graphics processor which has a high resolution. This processor is known as RSX. It was developed by NVIDIA which is one of the leading manufacturers of graphics processors.


Every PlayStation has one or more controllers. Multiple controllers are some of the common bundles which are offered directly through resellers or from the manufacturers. These devices are highly sensitive to the user’s movements.controller

They can be used as wired or wireless components thereby giving the users the options of using direct power or batteries. Bluetooth technology is used with wireless devices to facilitate communication between the console and the users.