Author: Marilyn Mikel

Do THC Detox Kits Actually Work


A detoxification kit to eliminate THC from the body in two, five or ten days: it is the idea of ​​an American company that had the product developed by two researchers.

The starting point is that the persistence of THC in the body varies according to individual factors such as weight, fat level, but above all consumption (frequency and quantity), and can be traced in saliva, blood, urine, and hair up to more than a month after the last job.

It was designed specifically for people who have to undergo a test of this type and is promoted by highlighting the scientific aspect. It was created by pharmacologists who worked for two years to develop a formula to accelerate the body’s elimination of THC.

It is a complex process: THC as such remains only a few hours in the body. However, when metabolized by the liver it becomes THC-COOH and in this form remains much longer. Screening tests look for both forms of THC. The formula of the company, the Green Gone Detox, guarantees an elimination rate from 215% to 330% faster than usual.

How it Works

lab experimentThe Green Gone kit aims to accelerate the body’s elimination of THC metabolites dramatically. It is a mixture of substances that aims to stimulate liver activity, reduce the molecular bond between THC and some proteins and increase the pH of urine.

All these processes will increase the concentration of metabolites in the urine. At the same time, urine production is stimulated and therefore, in the end, THC elimination is accelerated. “There is no magic potion; it’s just science,” explain the company.

The Formulas

There are different formulas, ranging from 2, 5 to 10 days. An online test helps customers determine the method best suited to their age, gender, weight, and consumption. It comes in the form of vegetable capsules to be taken three times a day. Dietary and sports recommendations accompany it. The prices range from 70 to $ 150, and you can also buy a medically screening test for use at home.

The detection time for cannabis is reduced by half or more than the rate of natural elimination of the body. For hair follicle test, experts have argued that the Macujo Method is a great way to beat the test. It’s a seven step method that involve the use of Aloe Rid Shampoo to get rid of toxins from the hair follicle.

For all these natural detoxification strategies to be effective, you must be careful about your diet. Have a healthy, regular, balanced diet that you would do every day without skipping meals.

It can take a little while, but in the end, your system should be free of THC as long as you do not use marijuana during that time. Ultimately, you need to choose the detoxification approach that works best for you if you want to pass a drug test out of all the options listed above.